FAQs for the Parade

Is St Patrick’s Parade Family Friendly?

Yes our event is a family friendly event that appeals to individuals of all ages. Families are warmly welcome to participate in the Parade and attend the post-parade celebrations on Acland Street Plaza. However, parental or guardian discretion is advised: 

As our pets are often considered family too, please make sure you protect your pooches from heat if you bring them, otherwise plan to leave them at home. 


Can You Hand Out Stuff?

Keep a few things in mind:
Avoid handing out materials likely to be dropped on the street.

Flyers and other paraphernalia must include an acknowledgement to 'recycle responsibly'.
You are not permitted to hand out food or beverages (and that includes lollies) without festival permission


Are Balloons Allowed At Pride Parade?

St Partick’s Parade is a balloon-free event. and will not be permitted. 


Are there height restrictions?

There are Tramlines above you!
If your banners, flags or other props are taller than 2.5 meters please contact info@melbournestpatricksday.com.au to discuss further.

Are businesses involved in St Patrick’s Parade ?

Many corporations and businesses participate in St Patrick’s Parades across the world. The most common reasons that businesses participate in St Patrick’s parades are to celebrate Melbourne’s rich diverse culture within their workplace, and to demonstrate to the general public that their business has culture diversity, Irish business owners or owners with Irish descent are proud to be Irish!.

No businesses pay to be part of St Patrick’s parade though some who participate happen to be sponsorship partners of St Kilda, St Patrick’s Festival. 


Why are Police at St Kilda, St Patrick’s Festival?

Victoria Police play an important role in the safe delivery of St Patrick’s Festival Parade. As with all of Victoria's large-scale events, organised protests and parades, police officers are present to monitor and deal with threats of violence, terrorism and any situations that may become unsafe.