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While we encourage you to dream big about your Parade Entry, there are a few guidelines to ensure that the Parade is safe and enjoyable for all. 

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Entries will be checked prior to the commencement of the Parade by the supervising marshal so please consider the following when submitting your entry 


Our committee will assess all applications to determine which entries will be accepted into the 2020 Parade. All applications will be assessed on:

  • Meeting the eligibility to enter

  • Irish origin organisations will receive first preference 

  • Providing a well-designed, creative concept 

  • Ability to plan and deliver the creative concept safely



Each individual entry must provide one designated contact person to act as the official liaison and emergency contact between the Entrant group and St Patrick's Day Parade Official’s. Any entrant with a vehicle in the Parade must provide an additional


Float Marshals. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Attend the Entrants Briefing 

  • Check in with St Patrick's Day Parade Official’s and ensure that their participants and vehicle arrive at the Start Area at assigned time 

  • Be easily identified on the day.  

  • Remain with their entry at all times throughout start marshalling, parade route and end breakdown area. 



Entrants must follow the directions of St Patrick's Day Parade Official’s, volunteers, event security and the police always. All Entrants must respect other Entrants. 



The Parade will be recorded, as well as photographed from various media outlets. Your Entrant group’s participation in the Parade constitutes permission to authorise official media partners to video, photograph, record and transmit the messages, signage, participants and vehicles/floats in your Entrant group during the Parade. You are responsible for notifying the individuals in your group about this section and that they may be captured on film for broadcast use. 



The parade moves in a forward direction following the direction of the St Patrick's Day Parade Official’s. 

All choreography needs to be in a forward moving direction always - not standing still or going backwards. If your group is asked to move on, or increase pace, please do so without delay. Stopping for dance routines or sketches must be authorised by the St Patrick's Day Parade Official’s. Please note that any Entrants who stop and delay the Parade significantly are at risk of being extracted from the Parade.



Parade placement is at the sole discretion of parade organisers. Parade order is an important part of this decision-making process and while consideration will be given to factors such as participants ages and abilities, the Parade order is at the discretion of the organisers. On Parade day, all Entrants must line up in the section to which they have been assigned, and must do so at the designated time and location. Each group must stay in its section for the duration of the Parade.



We will run through safety and security in more detail as part of the participant briefing in February 2020. It is important that you are aware of the following:

Please follow all instructions, Security and Volunteers, they are there to help you. 

  • The parade will proceed in all weather conditions. 

  • Please ensure your participants have sufficient sunscreen, water or weather protection that suit the conditions of the day.

  • Please ensure that all participants have In Case of Emergency (I.C.E) phone numbers stored in their mobile phone 

  • Recommend that participants do not bring bags or large personal items with them to the parade. 

  • Under no circumstances should a parade participant accept to carry the bag or personal belongings of someone they do not know. Security have the right to remove from the Parade any persons who are found to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. 


The Parade is restricted to a maximum number of floats and participants. With limited form-up space available at the Start Area, we will endeavour to allow for maximum participation, ensuring the overall safety and security for all parade participants within the Start Area. 


Restricted items include animals, balloons, glitter cannons, fire, open flames, pyrotechnics (fireworks), flares, fire batons, fire breathing, sparklers, sparks, welding, weapons or imitation weapons, hazardous or flammable goods and goods prohibited by law. We also strictly control the use of projectiles and remote controlled devices including any kind of drone, remote controlled helicopters, planes and cars. Laws relating to the use of public space, car registration, driving under the influence, the consumption of alcohol and other drugs all remain in place during the Parade. The Parade and start area are alcohol free zones and police have the power to confiscate or dispose of alcohol found in these areas. 



We are committed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and this extends to keeping our Parade route clean. We ask that Parade Entrants help us keep our Parade as “green” as possible by complying with the below: 

  • Confetti cannons – If you are intending on using confetti, it must be bio-degradable and water-soluble. 

  • Balloons – The use of balloons are prohibited. 

  • Recycling and Re-using Materials – We ask that Entrants use recyclable materials and re-use items for construction of floats, props and costumes, and minimise consumables where possible. This includes biodegradable materials, reusable water bottles, and re-using props and banners from previous years. 

  • Waste Management – Entrants are required to utilise the waste facilities provided within the Start and End Area compounds on Parade Day. We suggest bringing your own rubbish bags to assist with compacting waste. 

  • Glitter – Where possible, please use biodegradable glitter. Please do not throw glitter as it washes through the storm water drainage into the ocean. 



  • Vehicles can add a lot to an entry by carrying people, lights, and sound equipment or being transformed into a moving piece of art. The front of your vehicle is what the audience first sees – and first impressions count. Wow the audience! Try to find inventive ways of framing the cab, covering the wheels and transforming the vehicle as effectively as possible. We will expect the precise vehicle measurements, make/model details and registration number to be supplied in your application. 


  • Your vehicle must be registered and roadworthy. Police will be in the area and may check un-roadworthy vehicles from Start Area. 

  • Your drivers must be appropriately licensed. Some vehicles require a special licence Your drivers must not have a blood alcohol level over the legal limit or be under the influence of drugs.

  • If you have a flatbed truck and participants standing on the tray, you must either implement railings or barriers to prohibit people from falling off the edges or secure participants to a solid structure with appropriate safety harnesses. 

  • Any decorations, lighting/sound systems or staging must be safely secured onto your vehicle. 

  • No one may enter or exit the vehicle once it is in motion on the Parade route.